Hello, we are the Food Crafters!

We are shaking up the way people think about healthy, allergy-sensitive food.

We started the Food Crafters because we wanted to create healthy food options that had a complete balance of nutrition but also catered to people’s allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices. Of course, they had to taste great, too.

We started with a nutritious gluten-free pizza base, and it turned out to be so popular that we expanded into gluten-free cookies.

We’ve got a number of new products lined up for you very shortly, including a vegan range, so watch this space!

We are driven by our values

Energy and passion

You only live once! To achieve great things for customers, we throw ourselves into everything we do.


To earn trust, we consistently conduct ourselves and our business with dignity and transparency.

Social conscience

We want to spread the word about healthy food through education. No smoke and mirrors. Just facts.


Sure, we take our food seriously, but we also believe in having fun every day. It’s all about balance!